Lucidity helps manage the essential Workplace Health
and Safety requirements that modern businesses need
for a full 360-degree view of all on the ground and
remote workers and contractors, resulting in a safer
Through Lucidity’s integrated modular framework,
management can gain complete visibility across all on-site operations.
Lucidity has been designed for high-risk work
environments in line with the relevant ISO standards,
including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001.
Usability is critical as we develop Lucidity. We ensure
our software can be quickly implemented and used
by all employees to help develop a safer workplace
Lucidity is available anywhere, anytime and on any
modern smart device inducing offline capability

Why ZOHO Analytics?

  • 20+ years of development
  • Cloud based centralised records management
  • Integrated modular management system
  • Personalised branding for your business
  • Free mobile app with offline capability
  • B.I and many integrations/add-ons
  • Scalable for growing businesses
  • Trusted by state and local government departments
  • Partnering with businesses of all sizes and industries
  • Both data centres and developers based in Australia & New Zealand
  • All data stored in Australia
  • ISO 27001 certified

How We Can Help

Prepare Data

Use our augmented, self-service data preparation or have us prepare your data for you to cleanse, transform, enrich, and catalog the data that you want to analyze.


Build insightful & interactive reports and dashboards with our easy drag-and-drop interface. Use a wide variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components to visualize your data.


Talk with our experts, generate automated insights with a single click, predict the future trends, do cognitive and what-if analysis, setup smart alert and much more.


Collaborate with users through secured sharing and fine-grained permissions. Hold meaningful conversations around reports. Make your boardrooms come alive with reporting slideshows. Tell stories with your business data.

Already have Zoho Analytics?

We can still help

  • Lucidity Training

    We can design and implement training for your users, administrators and everyone in between. We also have an online course to make the process easier.

  • Custom built forms

    If you just need to add a new custom forms to your system we can take you through our process to design and build anything you need. We have built many custom forms over the years and we have a pool of expertise to ensure you get the best design and build possible.

  • High Level Support

    We have a great team of experts to support your needs with Lucidity to a higher level than you will get from Lucidity themselves. We can set SLA's and create a bespoke support solution for your business catering for your needs.

  • System Review and Upgrade

    If you have had Lucidity for some time now you may not be aware of the new functionality that is available in the system or how to get the most out of it. Let us do an audit of your system and see how we can add value and functionality to improve your overall system.

  • BI Integration

    We know everyone wants to have all their data be meaningful. We can integrate your data into Zoho Analytics and start driving business decisions with real-time valuable data.

What Customers have to Say

Phil Edwards
Phil Edwards
Technology Program Manager
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“What makes our sites safe isn’t just having software. Making our sites safe relies on the engagement of supervisors and management staff with health and safety – and Lucidity plays a key role in that”
Safety Systems Technical Office
Safety Systems Technical OfficeQLD Local Council
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"We used to use a number of different systems, each supporting us to manage a different area of HSEQ – but none were specifically designed to be used as a dedicated HSEQ solution. Lucidity helps us to bring all these components of HSEQ into one central location. It’s our single source of truth.”
Simon Jonas
Simon Jonas
National HSEQ Systems Manager
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When there's new training to be completed, we can log into the system from wherever they are, complete the latest modules and then the system records their results in a central location.

Book a Free Demonstration of ZOHO Analytics


During this live online meeting we’ll learn a little more about your business’ needs and then run through the key features of Lucidity and how they will benefit you. Naturally, you can ask as many questions as you like.


The demos go for about 45-60 minutes depending on how deep you’d like to go on certain modules. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your business.


If you love what you see during the demo, we can get you registered and booked in with one our expert Consultants ASAP to get the ball rolling.

If you need some time to think or need to speak with your team about it, we will send you a detailed needs analysis proposal with our suggested plan options.

Free Consultation - Lucidity