The Keep It Simple Podcast

The Keep It Simple podcast is all about the business journey. As a business owner who talks to other business owners everyday Shayne always wanted to learn more about other peoples journey in life and business. 

Business ownership can be lonely and difficult, we don’t often share all the stories we have about our journey because unless you are a business owner you just won’t get it. 

So if you want to know your normal or maybe that you aren’t, or if you are wanting to know what it’s like to be a business owner then listen in and enjoy the ride. 

We talk about business, life and every thing we learnt along the way in a fun format focussed on success and learning. 

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Podcast Values

At the KIS Group our values are the key to who we are. We embrace these values at our core in all aspects of our business from paying a bill to designing a customer workflow. 

Even in our podcast our values are important, it’s who we are. 


We try to keep the conversation simple, straight talk with no waffle, well at least we try. 


No excuses, honest and fair. We genuinely want our guests on the podcast to share their life and learning, no crap just real people with real stories. .


We are dedicated to our cause of making business simple in all our activities. 

The podcast is a way to help people share their knowledge and help everyone keep it simple. 

Want to be on the Podcast?

If you are interested in being guest on the podcast then just reach out to us through and we can have a chat . We are always looking for gerat stories and people to share them. Don’t be shy you might be surprised at how many people want to hear your story.