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Case Study

Riverside Golf Club improves safety and impresses Worksafe

After an impromptu visit from Worksafe Riverside Golf Club knew things needed to change.

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01. The Problem

Riverside Golf Club is a beautiful place to try your luck for a fun round, or join in for a competitive round of golf. Its run with a mix of full-time staff and a healthy number of volunteers. There was never any doubt that the club wanted to provide a safe place to work and they did everything they knew to try and achieve this, but what you don’t know can hurt you. After an impromptu visit from a Worksafe Inspector it became clear that help was needed to setup and invest in a formal WHS System. The club really lacked any system for WHS and although training was undertaken, inspections done, there was no documentation to show evidence of this and this left the club very exposed if something was to go wrong. This is where Keep It Simple Safety (KISS) comes into the picture. After several conversations with Steve one of our WHS experts KISS put together a comprehensive WHS System for Riverside Golf Club that includes a full implementation checklist so they can make sure they are never caught off guard by Worksafe again. The club now has everything they need to stay compliant and make sure there are no issues into the future. As a huge side benefit when Worksafe returned to check up on the progress the club had made they were really impressed with the system and how much work the club had done, they said it was a credit to the club that they took it so seriously.

After a visit from Worksafe it was clear Riverside Golf Club needed a full WHS System to ensure they were compliant with the law.

02. The Solution

Keep It Simple Safety were able to provide a full system which was customised for the clubs needs and delivered ready to use.

No more scary visits from Worksafe and a safer workplace where everyone is more aware of the requirements for WHS around the club.

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Whether you know exactly what you need or are not sure where to start, we can make your safety compliance simpler