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Case Study

Mountford Plumbing

KIS Group managed Mounford Plumbings transition to a fully cloud managed system for Safety Compliance.

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01. The Problem

Mountford Plumbing faced a very common problem, they were doing all the right things, had all the right aspects but had trouble maintaining current and accurate safety system. They worked safely but wanted to make sure they were taking care of all the aspects of Safety they needed to in there business. This led to an audit by us and the proposal of a new system that involved using Donesafe to manage safety moving forward.

Lack of control is a serious issue for many companies still running paper-based systems.

100% Increase in Safety Compliance.

The outcome they wanted wasn’t just about compliance but the ability to target larger customers like councils who needed and expected more form contractors than ever before.

02. The Solution

To take back control of the safety aspects of the business Mountford Plumbing engaged the KIS Group to implement Donesafe in a fully customised system specific to their needs including a Safety Management Plan and associated aspects. The KIS Group rolled all of the safety requirements into Doesafe. This included license and training management, site inspections and safety prestart as well as management inspections and Audits. Everything they needed to get compliant and stay there. Over the period of the system being rolled out the ease with which they were able to maintain there compliance for safety increased dramatically, no more complex paper forms and systems. Clients were happier and impressed with the new system, staff were happier and management started getting the results they were looking for.

100% Increase employee engagement.

Over the period of the system being rolled out completion of site paperwork increased to more than 97%. They were also able to see live any issues in the field and the workers didn’t need to carry around a folder full of forms on the job anymore.

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Whether you know exactly what you need or are not sure where to start, we can make your safety compliance simpler