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Case Study


KIS Group managed Sky5’s transition from a paperbased Integrated Management System to a full cloud based system on Donesafe.

01. The Problem

Sky5 faced a problem that was putting at risk the hard work put into achieving ISO certification, every job they attended required a multitude of safety paperwork to be completed and filed back at the office after each job. Being a High-Risk business, cleaning high rise windows and providing building maintenance means a very high level of compliance is required.

“Lack of completion is a serious issue for many companies still running paper-based systems.”

“50% increase in Data Completed”

The percentage of jobs getting all the paperwork completed was between 50 and 60% in a good week. Compounding that problem is the fact that the paperwork did not arrive back in the office until the end of the week so it was too late to fix by then.

02. The Solution

To take back control of the IMS system Sky5 engaged the KIS Group to implement Donesafe in a fully customised system specific to Sky5’s needs.

The KIS Group rolled approx. 30+ forms from the IMS into the Donesafe system from Jobsite checklists to Meeting agendas and Incidents. This then allowed them to see and manage different jobs in real time, allowing managers to see when forms where completed on site and ensure that compliance requirements are met.

“100% increase employee engagement”

Over the period of the system being rolled out completion of site paperwork increased to more than 97%. They were also able to see live any issues in the field and the workers didn’t need to carry around a folder full of forms on the job anymore.

Clients were happier, staff were happier and management started getting the results they were looking for.

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