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Affiliate Program

About the

Our affiliate program is all about value and simplicity. Send your customers our way and connect them with the best value site for Safety and HR documents and resources then collect your payment every month, Simple. 

Who would benefit from the KIS Group Affiliate Program?

EVERY business will benefit from our program. Whether you have 100 customers to send our way or 100,000. 

As an added bonus our content is great and provides a real benefit to your customers. 

We are only looking for about 10 partners initially who we will be offering this opportunity to. We hope those partners will not only share the membership site and details but be part of what we want to build moving forward. This will include the launch of our app, an expert’s corner, more self-learning courses, corporate memberships and a bunch more. We also encourage our partners to use the forums and discussion in our community to answer questions and show yourselves to be the experts that you are. 
The great part about our program is the 5% lifetime affiliate commission is across all of our products from the $29 per month Basic Membership through to $1,000 plus per month Platinum membership and any other bespoke work we do with the customer. 
The most important part for us is that you have the same values as us and you want the very best for your customers moving forward. 

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